Teeth Whitening 4 You – How to Whiten Your Teeth Easily, Naturally & Forever!

How to Whiten Your Teeth Easily, Naturally & Forever

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Say goodbye to costly and perilous teeth brightening medicines until the end of time! This 100% protected, modest and

ALL-NATURAL elective will give you a more splendid, more white grin from home – and in only a couple of weeks…

Does that seem like something you need?

Hey, my name is Lucy Bennett, and I’m a previous dental medical attendant.

I’ve worked close by 6 distinctive dental professionals during my 17 years in the business, and I’ve seen in excess of 2500 teeth brightening methods direct and very close – and trust me, it hasn’t been pretty to watch!

Indeed, I won’t ever have my teeth brightened by a dental specialist, and I’ll be advising you in one minute.

However, before I do, it is significant that you initially see precisely what sorts of food and drink lead to tooth staining in any case – so you can basically prevent your teeth from deteriorating…

RED WINE: Red wine is famous for staining teeth. The acids in wine destroy tooth lacquer, making unpleasant spots that make teeth more helpless against staining. Furthermore, it likewise contains chromogens and tannins, which help the shading adhere to your teeth.

TEA/COFFEE: Like wine, tea and espresso are wealthy in the corrosiveness and stain-advancing tannins. Shades from these dim-hued drinks become inserted in the minute pits and edges of your tooth veneer, causing lasting, yellowing stains on your teeth.

SOFT DRINKS: Acidic and chromogen-rich sodas can likewise cause critical staining. The ongoing examination has discovered that profoundly acidic beverages – like games or caffeinated drinks – can disintegrate tooth finish, making way for staining. In fact, the corrosiveness in some carbonated beverages is extraordinary to such an extent that it really looks at the acridity in sulfuric acid!

CIGARETTES: Ingredients include ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, and carbon monoxide, just as other toxic synthetic compounds like nicotine and tar. At the point when a cigarette is lit, these substances begin consuming, which changes their synthetic properties. When breathed in, smoke goes through the mouth, leaving a tacky buildup on the teeth, and moment staining.

SWEETS: Hard confections, biting gum, popsicles, and different desserts regularly contain teeth-staining shading specialists. In the event that your tongue turns an interesting tone, there is a decent possibility that your teeth will be influenced, as well.

ANTIBIOTICS: Tooth staining is likewise brought about by anti-infection agents, like antibiotic medication, which stains the tooth lacquer itself. So if you’ve been substantial on the anti-infection agents as of late, there is a decent possibility that it has added to any staining.


You risk absolutely NOTHING!

Ok, it’s decision time…

And you have 4 choices…


You can progress forward as you are, detesting your teeth, being humiliated by them, and concealing them away for the remainder of your life.

Furthermore, let’s be honest, that is not actually a choice, right?


You can attempt a DIY teeth brightening unit, and risk getting one with DANGEROUS degrees of harmful synthetics, which can leave you with anything from delayed affectability, rankling, dying, subsiding gums and pulsating, to harmed tooth veneer, stomach torment, diarrhoea, vomiting and premature tooth decay.


Or you can take the safe and 100% NATURAL Option.

PLEASE NOTE Teeth Whitening 4 You is a digital product. You will receive access to the entire system immediately after you order,

So I encourage you to settle on the right choice…

You hazard literally nothing!