7 Best Face Masks for Every Skin Concern

7 Best Face Masks for Every Skin Concern

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Use these dermatologist-approved ingredients and products to brighten skin, smooth lines, promote hydration, and more.Lets us discus Best Face Masks for Every Skin Concern.

Best Face Masks for Every Skin Concern

1. If acne is likely to occur, use a clay mask to absorb the oil

If you’re battling pimples on a regular basis, you’re always looking for the next big thing to cleanse your skin. In reality, masks only work up to a point. “It’s important to find a daily routine to control acne rather than relying on weekly masks,” says Dr. Waldorf. However, if you have a clay-based mask that you like, Caudalie’s Purifying Mask “helps the skin look and feel better,” he says. Previous studies have pointed to sage-like ingredients that help fight inflammation. Zinc, a review published in Dermatology Research and Practice in July 2014, can fight bacteria. And of course, the clay shown in previous studies helps remove impurities from your pores as you sweat. These ingredients work together to squeeze out the sprouts in the sauce.


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2. If you want to lighten your skin, we recommend a mild exfoliation

The accumulation of dead cells on the outer layers of the skin can make the skin appear dull. According to the American Society of Dermatology (AAD), if you have pigmentation or acne problems like acne or acne, you can benefit from exfoliating to remove those old cells and reveal the shiny new cells underneath.

If you’re not familiar, AHA is a class of compounds that contain glycolic acid and lactic acid, according to CosmeticsInfo.org. (These are different from beta-hydroxy acids or BHAs. The best known BHA is anti-acne salicylic acid). Some people have found that the exfoliating process can be exhilarating. A good moisturizer will counteract this possible reaction.

Glow Recipe Watermelon and AHA Growth Sleeping Mask are examples. According to a study published in the German magazine MMW Advances Med in May 2016, in addition to AHA (thanks to lactic acid and glycolic acid), it also provides hyaluronic acid for hydration to remove dead cells and even tension. Another tip to help reduce possible irritation is to use the AHA mask weekly or a couple of times a week and then daily.

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3. Look for a specific plant to treat hyperpigmentation

According to the AAD, the discoloration can be the result of acne that leaves a red mark or dark spots caused by excessive exposure to the sun. Treating the skin means interrupting the pigmentation process to prevent the cells from secreting melanin (the pigment in the skin) to break down on their surface. In addition to proper sun protection (to prevent the dark from worsening), there are some herbal ingredients that act as brighteners. The Marinova Desk whitening mask contains kojic acid, Morus alba, and licorice roots. A study published in the Journal of Aesthetic and Cutaneous Surgery showed the potential to attack pigments by suppressing melanin production, reducing inflammation, and providing antioxidant properties.


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4. If your skin is dry, watch out for ingredients like hyaluronic acid

The good news, when your skin is dry, is great for masks. “Face masks are a great tool for strengthening the skin’s natural barrier and retaining moisture,” says Holmig. Dry skin is more than just uncomfortable. As AAD points out, dry skin can crack, irritants and bacteria can penetrate the skin and even lead to infections. Masks are a hindrance: they sit on the skin to prevent water loss.

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5. If you have sensitive skin, try a skin remedy

According to a study published in Acta Dermato-Venerologica in March 2016, the skin reacts to environmental factors (from the heat in the sun to topical products) with redness, stinging, burning, and itching. It can be sensitive. Hence, it can be difficult to find one that suits your complexion. Waldorf recommends choosing a moisturizing mask only. It is also helpful to look for hypoallergenic ones. This means that irritation is less likely to occur.

Avene Soothing Sheet Mask is alcohol and fragrance-free and has a short ingredient list (as it is less likely to cause a reaction) so it will settle in hot spring water. In previous reviews, researchers have found that this water, which naturally contains trace elements, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, reducing the immune response that causes symptoms.

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6. If you want to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, look for silicone

According to Dermstore.com, fine lines and wrinkles appear after the skin’s supporting structures, collagen and elastin, break down. It also dries out the skin and makes lines worse. That being said, masks can do just that if they’re wrinkled. Most of the benefits of masks come from the fact that they treat the appearance of lines by moisturizing the skin, Waldorf says. According to Hollmig, one of the sound options is a silicone pad that sponges up the outer layers of the skin and smooths out wrinkles. (The Wrinkle Schminkle Wrinkle Removal Pad for Forehead is one such product.)

“The silicone pads are absolutely helpful for smoothing out the wrinkles on the forehead,” says Hollmig. Fair warning, “I think the results are only temporary, like with topical moisturizers,” he says. These do not contain any active ingredients that stimulate collagen production, so hydration has a short-term effect. The advantage is that you can use them specifically, for example when going out at night or before an important event.


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7. If your skin is dull and dry while traveling, look for antioxidants

One of the mask’s great benefits is its ability to naturally moisturize the skin by helping the outer layer reduce “transepidermal water loss” (the loss of natural water as water evaporates from the skin), says Holmig. This can happen when you travel by air. “Traveling is very tough on the skin. The air on the plane is so dry that it can become dull, even crack and ignite

In addition to hydration, consider lightening jet lag skin with antioxidants like vitamin C. Jet lag masks on Fridays in summer combine antioxidant vitamin C to restore shine and sodium hyaluronate (a type of hyaluronic acid) to restore moisture.

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we have chosen Best Face Masks for Every Skin Concern, do write to us about any suggestion