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A doctor’s time is limited due to the various obligations he must perform for patients. Doctors typically struggle to plan their calendars, make appointments with patients, and handle their own work, which can lead to dissatisfied patients. As indicated by the steady rise in the market size for medical scheduling software, many clinics are looking for technological solutions to this problem. Two key variables are responsible for the significant rise in the popularity of medical appointment online apps:

  • People are visiting hospitals less frequently to schedule appointments since the COVID-19 outbreak began. As a result, the demand for the creation of a medical appointment booking app has expanded dramatically during the last two years.
  • The growing desire for people to be more satisfied with the delivery of healthcare at their leisure.

According to an Accenture survey, the average wait time for people to book a phone appointment with a doctor is eight minutes. Wouldn’t it be good to book it as quickly as ordering Uber or pizza and not have to wait an extra eight minutes if we needed to adjust our schedule? In the current context, the healthcare business is adopting a more consumer-oriented model that provides more options for scheduling medical visits online, via building appointment booking software with App Development Company.


What exactly is the Doctor Appointment App Development for Mobile?


Patients can connect with medical providers via a web-based platform using doctor appointment mobile applications. Patients may visit doctors online from the comfort of their own homes and at their own pace. Clinics are the solution to a range of problems for healthcare professionals that use mobile apps. The most crucial of them is regulating staff employees who must schedule appointments on a regular basis. The mobile doctor appointment online application is an excellent way to improve organization.


The features your doctor’s appointment app should have:


  • Doctor profiles

Patients may go through doctor profiles to pick the right doctor for them. Profiles should include information on the doctor’s experience, credentials, and certifications, as well as the languages spoken. It is beneficial to add comments and evaluations from former patients to let users know if doctors met the expectations of prior patients about the quality of care, communication, competency, and other factors.

  • 24*7 Video Consultation

Hosting online video chats and conferences is an essential feature in any medical appointment software. The health of a patient might vary greatly, making it difficult to wait until the doctor arrives. To avoid hardship, the patient can attend a live video chat session with a physician and discuss their health difficulties as soon as possible.

  • Scheduling

The scheduling tool must be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. It should let patients schedule appointments with their physicians in real-time. Patients can also choose their preferred day and time in the application.

  • Find a Doctor

In the application, patients should be able to select their chosen service provider. It is feasible to provide the option to search for services based on region, gender, specialty, or experience level, as well as reviews from other users. Allow users to leave comments on the application. Provide connections to other high-performing service provider websites as well.

  • Review/Rating

The patient can offer feedback or ratings. Based on your experience throughout your stay. These tools assist other patients in selecting the best doctor.

  • Chat on-app

Apps for medical appointments allow patients to share any extra questions they may have. These characteristics are critical to an application’s success.

  • GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is required to locate the patient and the hospital or clinic.

  • Reminders

Create reminders for upcoming appointments for both patients and physicians. It’s a chance for physicians to plan their calendars and reduce the number of appointments they miss. Patients would like this function as well, since it might assist them to avoid missing appointments.

  • Telemedicine

A telemedicine solution can be a useful feature. It is feasible to develop a zone for health surveillance by scheduling appointments and allowing users to select the best choice for visiting the doctor’s office or connecting with a doctor via your application.

  • Electronic health records

Integrate health records into your app to create a doctor’s office. During their visits, doctors may take notes and share them with patients via the app.

  • Integration of payments

To guarantee continuous engagement in the relationship between the expert and the patient, a number of payment alternatives are required. A debit or credit card, or an electronic wallet, is strongly suggested for easily arranging appointments and making payments on schedule. A secure payment gateway, such as Stripe, Paypal, or Klarna, gives your consumers more options and allows them to securely pay for scheduled appointments right from the application.

  • Push notification

Push notifications are essential in the creation of an app for doctor visits. They give the patient the most up-to-date information on the application. This allows the patient to stay up to speed on the most recent information.

Doctor Booking App Development Cost

The cost of developing a doctor’s booking app reflects the breadth and complexity of the project. Yes, a basic app for scheduling receptions may be developed in 1-2 months for between $15,000 and $30,000. If you want anything more elaborate, it will take more time and work – at least six months and $50,000. For this money, you may buy an example of a chat app that allows bots to schedule voice of receptions or an application that incorporates electronic prescriptions, patient personal information storage, and medical history analysis.


The most expensive are programs that incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning, such as Zocdoc. The development process takes over a year, and it is constantly growing and becoming more expensive.

Do you have plans to build your doctor’s Appointment App?

Although the need for on-demand doctor’s appointments is increasing, it is also a congested business. It is critical to have a distinct appointment system. This can be a difficult process. To work on such jobs, I recommend that you engage an expert mobile App development business. 


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