natural bug repellents for home

Best Natural bug repellents for home | Natural bug repellents for skin


An alternative to chemical irritants, natural bug repellents are safe for adult and child application and effective against pesky insects. You may already have one or more non-toxic household items that keep a variety of bugs away, sitting in your cupboards.

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Natural Bug Repellents

The natural method to send ants marching is contingent on where they originate:

  • Placed near sand hills, sidewalk cracks, and other entrances leading below the ground, mint tea bags or crushed cloves will deter ants.
  • When you see them near anthills, spray ants with soapy water.
  • Draw a chalk line around a nest entrance and the ants will be unable to cross over the line.
  • To rid ants attacking your trees, wrap your tree in the newspaper, and apply sticky goo purchased from a hardware store, all over the paper.




Natural Bug Repellents

Combat a flea infestation by spraying cedar oil on floors, carpets, and your pet’s sleeping area. Other natural insect repellents include:

  • D-Limonene is a safe spray manufactured by the citrus industry.
  • Diatomaceous earth and powdered pyrethrum, are sprinkled on pet bedding and carpets.
  • Herbs such as rosemary, wormwood, pennyroyal, and citronella.




Natural Bug Repellents

Rubbing alcohol, applied to the skin will fend off mosquitoes. Clove oil is also effective; however, individuals with sensitive skin should use it with caution to avoid skin irritation. Other herbs that drive away mosquitoes are:

In addition, planting marigolds around your patio or back porch will keep mosquitoes at bay outside your home.



Natural Bug Repellents

Rubbing diluted almond oil or citronella onto your skin will repel airborne insects such as flies and mosquitoes. Effective deterrents also include:

  • Basil
  • Pennyroyal Oil
  • Tansy

Create your own natural bug spray with a mixture of white wine vinegar, water, herbs, and dishwashing liquid. Add the ingredients to a spray bottle, shake well, and spray as needed.

You can enjoy the company of your family and friends in a pest-free outdoor environment without purchasing expensive toxic chemicals. Natural bug repellents are a safe, affordable alternative that smells better and poses no health risks.