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How to get a License for a Medical store, Pharmacy, Distribution, and Whole sale setups in Pakistan


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To start a Medical store, Pharmacy, Distribution, and Wholesale setup in Pakistan you have to get a license from, District Health Authority. This license is granted after inspecting the premises and consequently issuing of inspection report after which the licensing authority shall issue a license for Pharmacy, Medical Store, Distribution, and Wholesale business.

Pharmacy license requirements Pakistan


  • Minimum Education is  Pharm D For  Pharmacy, Distribution, and Wholesale setup or Category B, C for the medical store as the case may be.
  • If A person who has not Above qualification, can also start the above-mentioned setups, but have to appoint a qualified person having a degree or certificate in the said field.
  • The premises must have a proper and adequate facility for refrigerator facility and storage of drugs; to maintain recommended storage conditions
  • The drugs should be stored in hygienic conditions.
  • Medical store, Pharmacy, Distribution, and Wholesale setup must fulfill the requirements explained in Drugs Laws and Rules.
  • Minium-covered area  Requirement for Pharmacy or medical store must be fulfilled.

Types of Drug Sale License


  • FORM NO. 8(A)
  • License to sell, store and exhibit for sale & distribute drugs by way of


  • FORM NO. 8(B)
  •  License to sell, store, exhibit for sale & distribute drugs
    excluding the drugs specified in Schedule “G” by way of Medical Store.


  • FORM NO. 8(C)
  • License to sell, store and exhibit for sale & distribute drugs by
    way of Distribution.



1.Check List for New DSL

2.Check List for Renewal of DSL

3.Check List for QP Change

4.Information Form

5.FORM NO 8-A (Pharmacy)

6.FORM NO 8-B (Medical Store)

7.FORM NO 8-C (Distribution)

8.Affidavits of Prop & QP

9.Affidavit of Self QP

10.Application for release of category

11.Check list for Category Release


How to get a medical store license in Pakistan/How to apply for a Drug sales License/medical store license requirements in Pakistan

Follow the below-mentioned steps  to apply for a Pharmacy license in Pakistan:

1)   Fill a prescribed form-5 in Drug Rules.Form-5 

2)   Fill an affidavit on Rs. 50.00 stamp papers as prescribed 

3)   Deposit a fee of License through a prescribed Challan in a bank.  Challan for a fee)

Medical store license fees

  • License Fee (New)          Rs= 5000.00
  • License Fee (Renewal)   Rs= 3000.00


4)  Attached a CNIC Copy with Form 5.

5)  Attached an agreement copy of rental or proof of ownership of the business premises.

6)  Attached a copy of the NTN certificate with form 5.

7)  Authorized Agent’s copy (means which medicines you want to sell their manufacturer/importer/indentor’s authorization letter for the sales of the drugs of their medicines).

8) PCDA (Pakistan Chemists & Druggists Association) / Chamber of commerce & Industries membership certificate’s copy.

9) Qualified person (B-Pharmacy/D-Pharmacy/Category B/Dispenser) certificate holder should be posted at the premises and attached his degree of qualification, Pharmacy Council registration, his CNIC, and 4 Passport size photos should be attached with Form 5.

After that all the above requirements, you should submit them online to your area’s EDO (Health) office or DHO office for License purposes.


Annexure 1

  • Documents requirements for the proprietor

S. # Documents No
1CNIC attested copies4
2Passport size Pictures( Attested)4
3Matric Certificate (attested copy)1
4Domicile (attested copy)1
5Affidavit (Rs 100 attested from Oath commissioner1
6Pharmacy/store Rental or proof of ownership receipt1
7Pharmacy/store Business premises  location map1
8Pharmacy/store Premises  internal map1
9AC and Refrigerator Availability /receipt1
10Distribution original subject to verification along with complete list required1

Annexure 2

  • Documents requirements for Qualified person / Pharmacist

S. #DocumentsNo
1Pharmacy Degree/B Category, Dispensar  certificate 1
2Picture Passport size CNIC
(attested both )
4 Each 
3Matric Certificate attested1
4Domicile (attested copy)1
5An affidavit attested by Oath commissioner1


Documents for change of Qualified Person (QP) in Punjab

  1. Original challan form (32 A) prescribing fee deposited in the head of account number 1252-Health-other (CO 2871) Receipt at following rates.
  2. Original DSL/CDSL
  3. Qualified person affidavit (attested by 1st class magistrate).
  4. Qualified person CNIC attested copy
  5. Qualified person pharmacy council registration up to date renewed certificate (one copy).
  6. Proprietors affidavit ((attested by 1st class magistrate).
  7. Proprietors CNIC attested copy with one recent photo.
  8. If a qualified person is getting a license for the first time then provide a draft of Rs 500/- in favor of Secretary Punjab Pharmacy Council.

Fee for change of Qualified Person (QP) in Punjab

ApplicationFor a change of Qualified Person Amount Rs.
ADistribution License2500/
BPharmacy License1500/
CMedical store License1000/


Fee for New/Renewal CDSL of Medical Store/Pharmacy/Distribution license in Punjab.

ApplicationNew CDSL fee amount (Rs.)Renewal DSL/CDSL Fee amount (Rs.)
Medical store License2000/1000/
Pharmacy License3000/2000/
Distribution License5000/3000/


  • In case of distribution license authorization letter from manufacturer/importer/indenter (if doing wholesale distribution).
  • For a change of premises/address fee for the new license will be paid.
  • In the case of entry of godown, there is no fee for entry of godown but a map and rent deed will be provided.


Question: Minimum education to get medical store license.

Answer: Minimum Matric with Sciences or General Science.

Question: Medical store license requirements in Pakistan

Answer: 2 Years, apprenticeship training under the supervision of registered & notified pharmacists by the Health Department. OR Qualified dispenser with PMF

Question: medical store license requirements /medical store license requirements in Punjab

Answer: Category A for Pharmacy/Distribution setup.

Category B for medical store 

Question: medical store license course


Paper Schedule:

Theory Paper – 2

Practical Paper – 1

Paper – I

           (a) General Pharmacy

           (b) Pharmacognosy

            (c) Hospital Pharmacy

Paper – II

           (a) Pharmacology + Toxicology

           (b) Pharamaceutics

           (c) Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacy/Drug Laws

Each Paper will be of 100 Marks consisting of 50% Objective and 50% Subjective                (Short Questions)

Paper – III

           Practical of 180 marks

Question: Can we get a medical store license on rent?

Answer: As per Drug Law technical person (Pharmacist/assistant pharmacist), presence is compulsory on drug sale medical store/pharmacy/distribution setup. 

Question: How to get a pharmacy license in Pakistan

Answer: FORM NO 8-A (Pharmacy)