Autoclave Sterilizer

SOP for Autoclave Sterilizer

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1. Purpose

To ensure that  Autoclave Sterilizer is working properly.

2. Scope

This procedure provides a standard method to operate the Autoclave Sterilizer.

3. Responsibility



Quality control manager

4. Operation Of Autoclave Sterlizer

4.1 Open the locked door by turning the handle anti-clockwise.

4.2 Load the materials to be sterilized into the chamber by keeping the materials in an s/s box with proper labeling.

4.3 Close the locked door by pulling up the quick throw handle, after which the handle, is to be turned clockwise till it is reasonably tight.

4.4 Switch on the Heater, it will allow the steam inside of the jacket and due to this, pressure will gradually build up in the jacket.

4.5 Safety valve will open if the inside pressure exceeds 15lbs. So it will maintain the constant pressure in it.

4.6 Switch on the inner solenoid steam valve, it will allow the steam inside of the chamber and due to this, pressure will gradually build up in it.

4.7 Drain the condensed steam for a few minutes from the chamber by opening the bypass valve of the chamber.

4.8 Exposure period & Temperature’ should be as per the validated time for various loads.

For example:

  • -121oC /15 lbs for machinery parts, latex gloves, tanks, sterile area dresses.

4.9 Allow the steam to exhaust until the pressure gauge indicates zero psi by opening the outlet steam valve of the chamber.

4.10 Prior to unloading the sterilized load on the sterile side, make sure that the sterilized load has been cooled to room temperature and the door of the Non-sterile area side has been closed.

5. Maintenance and cleaning of Autoclave Sterilizer

1. Volatile acids or bases should be avoided to be placed in it.

2. Corrosive material should not be placed for heating without a proper lid.

3. Flammable liquid should not be placed for heating.

4. See MSDS of the material placed in it before heating in this bath.

5. Drain water daily after the operation.

6. Clean externally with a clean dry cloth.

7. Once a week remove adhered dust by wet mopping using a detergent solution.

Afterward, wipe the surface with a clean dry cloth to remove traces of detergent.

8. Once a month clean the interior surfaces with 2.5% Dettol solution using a clean cloth.

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