happy affirmations

20 Best Happy Affirmations: Cultivating Positivity and Joy in Your Life

In a world filled with challenges and uncertainties, maintaining a positive outlook on life is crucial for our overall well-being. Affirmations, powerful statements that are repeated with the intention of shifting our mindset, have gained significant popularity for their ability to boost positivity and happiness. This article delves into the 20 best happy affirmations that […]

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Online pharmacies

How do online pharmacies work?

Like all other industries, the healthcare industry has also changed during the last few years. Online pharmacies are emerging as a new trend allowing patients to quickly get their medications without visiting the pharmacies.  E pharmacies make the medicine buying process fast, simple and hassle-free while saving you considerable time. What is an Online Pharmacy? […]

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HVAC Cleaning and maintenance SOP

1. Purpose To provide cleaning instruction of HVAC & various types of filters in AHU as per safety and cGMP requirements 2. Scope This SOP covers the instructions for cleaning of pre-filters and fine filters of all AHU. 3. Responsibility HVAC Operator Maintenace Incharge Production manager Quality assurance officer 4. Cleaning Procedure OF HVAC UNIT Ensure […]

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Double Jacketed Liquid Manufacturing Vessel

1. Purpose To lay down a procedure for cleaning, equipment line clearance & Operation of the double jacketed liquid manufacturing vessel. 2. Scope It is applicable for cleaning, calibration, equipment line clearance & Operation of the double jacketed liquid manufacturing vessel. 3. Responsibility Operator, Production Officer Production manager Quality assurance officer 4. Cleaning Procedure Cleaning […]

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pharma sites

Best Pharma Sites & Blogs

All times Best Pharma Guidelines  Sites & Pharma Blogs.  fiercepharma.com            Pharma News | Pharma Industry | Pharmaceuticals Industry | FiercePharma Visit FiercePharma for pharma industry news on big pharma, FDA decisions, patents, pharmaceutical marketing, generic drugs, and other pharma news.  pharmatimes.com PharmaTimes – in-depth news, features, and insights for the […]

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GENERIC NAME DESCRIPTION ALPHABETICALLY A Abciximab Acarbose Aceclofenac Acefylline Acepromazine Maleate Acetaminophen Acetazolamide Acetylcysteine Acipimox Acitretin Aclacinomycine Aconite Activated Rabies Vaccine Activated Rubella Vaccine Acyclovir Adapalene Adefovir Adrenaline Adrenochrome-mono-semi Carbazone Adrenocortical Extract Albendazole Alendronate Sodium Alfacalcidol Alfuzosin Alkylglycerol Allantoin Allopurinol Almitrine Bismesylate Aloe Vera Alphacyclodextrin  Alprazolam Alprostadil Aluminum Hydroxide Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate Alverine Citrate Amantadine […]

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GENERIC NAME DESCRIPTION ALPHABETICALLY E  Ebastine Econazole Edetic Acid Eflornithine Eletriptan Emedastine Empagliflozin Enalapril Enflurane Enoxacin Enoxaparin Entecavir Enzyme Eperisone Ephedrine Epirubicin  Epirubicin Hcl Eprosartan Eptifibatide Erdosteine Ergocryptine Ergometrine Ergotamine Erythromycin Escin Escitalopram Esmolol Esomeprazole Estazolam Estradiol Ethacridine Ethambutol  Ethamsylate Ethionamide Ethinyloestradiol Ethionamide Ethyl chloride Etifoxine Etodolac Etomidate Etoposide Etoricoxib Euflavine Everolimus Exenatide Expectorants Ezetimibe

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