Online pharmacies

How do online pharmacies work?


Like all other industries, the healthcare industry has also changed during the last few years. Online pharmacies are emerging as a new trend allowing patients to quickly get their medications without visiting the pharmacies.  E pharmacies make the medicine buying process fast, simple and hassle-free while saving you considerable time.

What is an Online Pharmacy?

E-pharmacy, or an online pharmacy, is a business model that receives orders of prescribed and non-prescribed drugs online and sends the medications through delivery to the patients. Since the rise of the coronavirus, so many online pharmacies have been serving clients allowing them to receive medicines and prescribed drugs in the comfort of their homes.

These pharmacies work by mailing or providing same-day delivery of prescriptions to customers, which gives them an edge over conventional pharmacies that need in-person visits from patients to drop off prescriptions and pick up medications. You can get all types of medicines from e-pharmacies prescribed by Access Doctor or any other authentic healthcare professional.

How does Online Pharmacy Work?

Online pharmacies have revolutionized the healthcare industry by making the medicine-buying process easy. E-pharmacies allow you to buy medicines on the internet and get them delivered to your doorstep.

You must order prescription medicines from an authentic e-pharmacy and receive them from the nearest delivery point. However, the online pharmacy model is rapidly replacing traditional pharmacies due to its ease and convenience.

You need to download an app from an approved and registered online pharmacy to request medicines online. Also, you can use their website to make an order. Once the online pharmacies receive your request or e-prescription, they will verify it and enter every drug you registered into the system for the record.

The prescriptions that registered pharmacists determine to be valid are sent to the pharmacy storehouse in the area where the patient will get the medications. This unique technology is as simple to use as it is secure, and it can operate on both mobile and web platforms. However, the main steps of the online pharmacy working model are as follows!

  • Receiving your request or e-prescription

  • Reviewing and verifying it

  • Translating the prescription

  • Data entry into the system for record

  • Delivery of medicines to the customers

Online Pharmacies Working Models

E pharmacy business model is different as compared to the traditional pharmacy. With a set of rules and regulations, these pharmacies aim to simplify the medicine buying and selling process over the internet. The medicines and drugs are delivered to the customers based on their request or e-prescription. However, online pharmacy business models and operations depend on the following models!

  • Inventory Based Model

The e-Pharmacy keeps track of the inventory of drugs and medications in fulfilment centres and warehouses across different locations. However, online pharmacists review the prescriptions and requests sent by the customers through the app or website.

Without an authentic prescription, no medications or pharmaceuticals are distributed. After verifying the request and entering the data into the system, the pharmacist wraps the drugs carefully and sends them to customers through a courier service.

  • Marketplace-Based Model

The e-Pharmacy functions as an aggregator in this model. The app provides a digital platform that links buyers and sellers. The licenced pharmacies and their products are listed on the e-Pharmacy website. However, the customers choose the medications offered on the website/app.

The website or app uploads the e-prescription or scanned prescription. The authorised pharmacy receives the order. The pharmacy checks the drug fee before preparing the order. If a valid prescription is not present, the rankings are cancelled. After that, a courier service delivers the medications to the customers.

What are the Benefits of Online Pharmacies?

Online pharmacies are spreading quickly due to the various advantages they offer to patients. An online pharmacy is an internet-based pharmacy that sells drugs online. These pharmacies operate online and deliver medicines to customers quickly and easily at their doorstep.

The most notable aspect of an online pharmacy is being able to quickly order the medication you want. Because of their user-friendly features, internet pharmacies offer a wide range of additional advantages. Also, there is a range of other benefits associated with e-pharmacies, such as:

  • Fast and convenient process

  • Time-saving

  • Cost-efficient

  • Information is confidential and private

  • Systematic

  • Reliable database management

  • Availability of all the medicines

  • Quick delivery of medication to your doorstep

  • Great for customer care


Online pharmacies are exceptionally convenient for patients allowing them to get prescription and non-prescription medicines at home. However, it is important to verify the legal status of an online pharmacy before taking its services to avoid any risk.