Analytical Balance

SOP For Analytical Balance

QC Lab Equipment's

1. Purpose

To ensure that ANALYTICAL BALANCE ( SHIMADZU ATX 224)is working properly.

2. Scope

It is applicable for accurate weighing in Quality Control Department.

3. Responsibility


Quality Control Manager

4. Operating Instructions of Analytical Balance

Place the instrument on a flat surface and protect it against intense light and heat.

Press the ON key. The display test appears briefly on the display. The instrument then switches automatically to 0.000.

Let an arrow key appears on the left corner of the display.

Put the butter paper or any material on which weighing is to be carried out.

Press the TARE button to set it to 0.000. It is now ready to weigh your sample.

After putting the sample on butter paper or glass container, let the reading on the display become stable and an arrow key appears again on the left corner of the display.

Note down the reading and lift up your sample.


5. Cleaning and maintenance of Analytical Balance

Removal of waste from the weighing tray as soon as possible is very necessary to increase its life and protect it from rusting.

Weighing of corrosive material should be done carefully and do not let them touch the metallic part of the balance.

The metallic and nonmetallic parts should be cleaned with damp tissue from water and then dried with dry tissue.

Then metallic and nonmetallic parts should be cleaned with methanol tissue and dried with dry tissue.


6. Calibration of Analytical Balance

Calibration is done by a set of certified weights.

A complete set of weights that range from 100mg to 100g is used to calibrate the balance frequently Daily,

Reading against the standard weights is noted down and the percentage error is calculated.

If it is less than 0.1% of the balance is working properly, otherwise contact your supplier for service, maintenance, and calibration.



1: Uses of Analytical balance?

Ans: Analytical balance is used for accurate weighing in Quality Control Department.

2. Types of analytical balance

Ans: Following are the main types of analytical balance 

  • Mettler digital analytical balance with 0.5 mg readability.
  • Mechanical analytical balance.
  • Automated analytical balance
  • Mechanical analytical balance

3. Required analytical balance diagram?

Ans: For the analytical balance diagram please visit 

4. What is an analytical balance price?

Ans: For analytical balance price details please visit.

5. Analytical balance calibration logbook?

Ans: Please check the analytical balance calibration

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