Memmert Oven

SOP For Memmert Oven

QC Lab Equipment's
1. Purpose

To ensure that Memmert Oven is working properly.

2. Scope

It is applicable for Sterilization, Depyrogenation, and drying of heat-proof materials in the Quality Control Department.

3. Responsibility



Quality Control Manager

4. Operating Instructions of Memmert Oven

Place the instrument on the flat surface in an upright position.

Attach the plug to the power supply and push the button to the ON position.

The temperature thermostat can be adjusted by rotating the temperature knob.

The fixed yellow knob perpendicular to the oven directing downward in the temperature dial points out the required/set temperature, while the red needle located in the center of the dial points to the current inner temperature.

When the two knobs (yellow hanging from upward down and the red in the center of the dial) coincide, it means that the desired temperature is attained and the heating will be discontinued.

5. Memmert Oven Maintenance and Cleaning

Volatile acids or bases should be avoided to be placed in it.

Corrosive material should not be placed for drying.

The flammable liquid should not be placed for drying.

See MSDS of the material placed in it before drying in this oven.

6. Calibration of Memmert Oven

Calibration is done by a certified thermometer or thermocouple.

A certified thermometer or thermocouple is inserted into the hole located on the top center of the oven.

Reading against the standard thermometer is noted down and the error is noted at a range of 250oC.

If there is a linear or constant difference in value, it is mentioned in the calibration Performa and calibration sticker.

If it does not show constant or linear deviation, contact the supplier for maintenance, services, and calibration.


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