Melting Point Apparatus

SOP For Melting Point Apparatus

QC Lab Equipment's
1. Purpose

To ensure that Melting Point Apparatus is working properly.

2. Scope

It is applicable for accurate determination of the melting point of raw materials in the Quality Control Department.

3. Responsibility


Quality Control Manager

4. Operating Instructions of Melting Point Apparatus
  • Place the instrument on a flat surface and protect it against intense light.

  • Fill your capillary tube column with a sample about 5mm high from the bottom and check that the capillary tube has been properly closed from the bottom.

  • Insert the capillary tube into any one of two sample ports. So at a time, two samples can be tested at a time.

  • Press the start button. The display will give you the current temperature of the sample tray.

  • If the apparatus was in use a little time ago, it may give you high temperature than the room temperature depending upon the time and temperature up to which the instrument has been used.

  • If your samples suspect to have melting points above a hundred, you may turn on the RAPID HEAT knob to accelerate the temperature rise.

  • Press the HOLD button exactly when the last crystal in the capillary melts to give you a clear liquid.

  • Note down that temperature and turn the instrument OFF.

  • Before starting the next session let the apparatus cool down to at least 45oC to get accurate results.
5. Precautions of Melting Point Apparatus
  • The capillary tube should be properly sealed from the bottom before inserting into the sample port.

  • It should be inserted holding upward straight and without applying force so that it may not get broken.

  • After completion of the test, it should be removed holding upward carefully to avoid breakage.
6. Calibration of Melting Point Apparatus
  • Calibration is done by a certified thermometer or thermocouple.

  • A certified thermometer or thermocouple is inserted into the hole close to the sample ports.

  • Reading against the standard thermometer is noted down and the error is noted at a range of 250oC.

  • If there is a linear or constant difference in value, it is mentioned in the calibration Performa and calibration sticker.

  • If it does not show constant or linear deviation, contact the supplier for maintenance, services, and calibration.
7. Melting point apparatus price
  • For melting point apparatus price visit.